pyramid_restler is a somewhat-opinionated toolkit for building resourceful Web services and applications on top of the Pyramid framework.


A Pyramid configuration directive is provided that makes generating the various routes and views for a resource easy:

   config.add_resource(ThingsResource, "things")

This will generate a set of routes and views for the resource:

   HTTP method => view method => resource method

   DELETE /things => delete() => delete()
   GET /things => get() => get()
   PATCH /things =>  patch() => patch()
   POST /things =>  post() => post()
   PUT /things => put() => put()


Resource views are implemented as a standard set of HTTP methods in view classes. See pyramid_restler.view.ResourceView as an example.


Resource views interact with a resource. A common example of such a resource is a database table that’s mapped to a SQLAlchemy ORM class.

pyramid_restler.sqlalchemy.SQLAlchemyContainerResource and pyramid_restler.sqlalchemy.SQLAlchemyItemResource classes are provided as a starting point.

The purpose of the resource layer is to provide a uniform interface to any kind of resource. This way, the view layer can be written in a generic manner.

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